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Insurance Needs Analysis Calculator

May 19, 2016


Final Expenses Annual Future Dependant and Home Care Expenses
Medical, hospital, funeral, estate costs Dependant expenses
Other Expenses Food, clothing, etc.
Major home, car repairs/upgrades Home maintenance / rent expenses
Children’s Tertiary Education Fund Other regular expenses
Cost per child Number of years to continue support
Number of children NET interest rate assumed earned on assets
Mortgage Repayment Existing Assets and Insurance
Amount to repay on family home Existing life insurance
Debt Repayment Superannuation cover
Car loans Cash and savings accounts
Credit card balance Other available assets
Bank / Finance Company loans Income
Other debts Annual Income
  % of Income Required (max 85%)


Term and TPD Needs
Total lump sum expenses 0
Present annual ongoing expenses 0
Existing assets and insurance 0
Term and TPD insurance need 0
Income Protection
Monthly Benefit Required 0


Christian Super Insurance Units for Estimated Cover

Occupational Group Group :


Units required for $0 of annual income protection cover 0
Annual Premium for 0 units of income protection cover 0.00
Units required for $0 of annual Death only or Death & TPD cover 0
Annual Premium for 0 units of Death and TPD cover 0.00
Annual Premium for 0 Death only cover 0.00